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  投稿者:worthlesscow  投稿日:2006年12月 9日(土)05時26分20秒
  a reply to Sexicon:

i will try my best to answer your questions.  first, let me be clear that i am making an effort to be honest here (though i have my own fantasies and enjoy

reading others').  by "type a," i mean that i am in part very driven, very successful, very intense... (if also very polite, unsexist and deferential).  this

is a family trait, and for me something of a curse, if only because my job forces me to work long hours, weekends, holidays etc.  i am sure that my extreme

submissiveness is in part a reaction to these pressures and expectations.  yapoo is a way to escape from myself (a way to destroy this successful part of

myself).  during the 60s, my mother was a promising academic with a PhD and a high powered job.  she gave it up to have children and never forgave my father

for his success. she hates me as my father's son, and has inculcated in me (for better and worse) a hatred of men, masculinity and myself.  in a way, you

could look at my mother as a dominatrix without the kink or sex (my father, despite his career, does most of the housework and traditional "women's work).

she was the kind of mother who would relentlessly criticize my efforts even from a very young age, usually in a language of reverse sexism.  i am grateful

that i am submissive, but i am not fond of her or of my childhood or family life.  it did however mean that i have been essentially submissive from young

childhood.  shit did not have too much to do with it until my early teenage years (for some reason i did not think much about shit specifically even while

licking the toilet etc. ealier).  as for the question of feminine beauty...  for me it is more than beauty, but an acknowlegment of the perfection of women,

an acknowlegment that i should be grateful for anything given or done to me by women.  it is an absolute lowering of expectations.  i am a very talented cook, and as such eating shit is a denial of this human pleasure and talent.  eating shit takes a personal strength and renders it into a weakness.

i have never had any health problems of any sort, though this is a legitimate concern. there is a vaccine for hepatitis a, but e coli is more troublesome.  i am not really too concerned, though daily consumption or anonymous consumption would

change the calculus.



A few Questons

  投稿者:Sexicon  投稿日:2006年12月 8日(金)09時10分56秒
  Hi, Worthlesscow,
Thanks for sharing such intimate feelings and experiences you have had. May I ask a few questions. What do yo mean by "type A"?
Can you give a little more about your relationship with your mother. How was she abusive. How did you first become interested in eating shit? How early in life? Does the beauty of the female make you want to eat from her body? How does your eating shit affect your health? Hope I am not too intrusive. But would appreciate some more of your insights and experiences. I, too, can see myself under a beautiful woman eating and  eating to my heart's content. But have not had the experience yet.


  投稿者:worthlesscow  投稿日:2006年12月 6日(水)05時10分48秒
  i just came across this site, though I have been familiar with yapoo for some time.  i am 34, american, and have been extremely submissive since i can remember.  i am not sure why.  i think in part it is a need to escape from my life, which has been 'type a' since childhood.  my father is a nobel-level scientist.  my mother could be called mildly emotionally abusive.  i have always been off the charts academically.  i have a phd.  i hate my life.  by 7 years old i felt a strong (even overwhelming) desire to serve women.  i am not at all sure how i could have even imagined such a thing.  by 10 i was praying to an imaginary 'Goddess' (sort of like the greek myths in my imagination... a Hera or Venus) and punishing myself as a form of worship.  this worship included cleaning the toilet with my mouth, drinking toilet water, drinking full glasses of urine (i never had a problem with this), burning my penis, eating dry cat food and trying to eat wet cat food.  by 12 i began regularly wearing women's clothes.  by 16 i was actively experimenting with two girlfriends, one of passive persuasion (my curse is that passive women are attracted to me), and the other deeply emotionally and publicly abusive (though not particularly kinky).  i drank a lot of piss, was slapped pretty much non-stop during intercourse, had my own shit shoved in my face (and was unexpectedly publicly humiliated afterwards for this, called a shit eater etc), and by 17 became entirely unable to achieve an erection without abuse.  at this point, i just wanted to be reduced absolutely to a toilet or a dog... to nothing.  soon i left home, entered a very top tier college, and with encouragement from a female pen pal and best friend, continued experimenting, had weeks-long periods of crossdressing, began trying to accustom myself to shit (shitting on my own face etc), training myself in an effort to make 'normal life' impossible.  i also began saving and sending money to my friend.  then i started coming out to friends and everything began to move very quickly.  i turned 19.  through a gay friend i was asked to put on a few 'demonstrations' for female friends and word was spreading quickly. suddenly people i had never met before were watching me 'perform.'  in one case i was taken to the woods, stripped naked in the freezing cold and snow(25 F)and beaten hard with a belt for more than half an hour, in the presence of an unknown woman(she would soon become a good friend)... in another six months, i think i would have reached a point (in some sense) of no return.  then i fell in love.  i fell in love with an older very much not kinky woman. much hell ensued for several years (which i will not bore you with).  i did experience with her my first and only real serious practice eating another's shit.  she squatted over my mouth in the bath tub.  and i have to say that i had no trouble at that point accepting it into my mouth.  i did not have a problem with the flavor at all (at once strong, overwhelming bland and bitter in her case), but chewing made me wretch and the smell when it mixed with the piss was difficult for me (but for some reason only when mixed with her piss).  the anticipation waiting with my mouth open was intense, revelatory, the first inevitable stream of piss, the pause and then her shit piling filling soon over-filling my mouth... half a dozen attempts later i was able to finally swallow.  and that was it.  


  投稿者:Sexicon  投稿日:2006年11月12日(日)05時01分46秒
  Hi, All
I agree with Anon that Rintaro is one of the best eaters of ogon. He does not cough up and spoil the beautiful dresses of the Angels who feeds him, as some of them do. One eater coughed up on Naomi and dirtied her beautiful dress, and she gave him a lashing for it.  The scene at the end of 22 where the beautiful girl sits on a chair with a young man's head in the seat held in place by a leather strapbehind his head.  She places her beautiful ass right in his mouth and force feeds him with powerful pushes. He cannot move and has to make room for the delicious deposits. When she gets up, his mouth is full of her gold. I like scenes like that.

There is another beauty in 33 who can release very long ass blessings. A devoted consumer under her chair fills himself with her good deposits. She is so gentle as she slowly fills him up. Am waiting for another of Naomi's videos. She is the best.
I am also thinking about how Yapoo got started. The book by Shozo Numa certainly got things going, and his book sold in great quantities in Japan. But the Japanese women have taken the concept to another level of beauty and grace that is far superior to any European videos. They make shitting such a beautiful art form. Of course there are other videos that seem to do great harm to some beautiful Japanese girls. They are prepared for something good, and then they are strapped down and force fed male shit. One can see their distress and torment as they are forced to eat the lshit. Nothing nice. Makes me wonder if they are real Japanese women. And I am still waiting to hear from Anna about how she made out with her two(or three) beautiful companions and her aspiring Yapoo.


  投稿者:anon  投稿日:2006年10月30日(月)16時24分30秒
  i wish they would make rintaro act in new yapoo's market videos.

he really can eat without gagging....i especially like the opening scene in yapoo no. 9 where he eats from a clear bowl (so that we can see him eat) like a dog with Ms Noami standing at the side making sure he eats everything. Wow!

Perhaps they could make a video where he becomes a total male maid to a young beautiful mistress. Clean her house, shoes etc. Provide transportation like being the rickshaw puller for his Mistress.

And finally serve as a full toilet slave for his Mistress and her friends.

Lazy board

  投稿者:Sexicon  投稿日:2006年10月17日(火)11時39分51秒
  Dear Anna,
My computer was down for a week. It is repaired now. Hope your trip to London was successful. I don't think the board is lazy. Seems that everyone wants to talk to a woman, and you in particular. Redboy and Squirrel, what can we do to get Anna back. We need to have conversations between ourselves as well as conversations with Anna. I am waiting to hear from you, nna, about your experience with the Yapoo that you and your lovely companions had charge of during most of this year. He is a celebrity now because of what he learned from you three. Will he remain that way, or is there something for him in the future? Will he be Yapoo always? Redboy, I am glad you are doing better, and hope you are completely well by now. Has anyone had clarified water? Here is how it works. Drink three full glasses of water and pass it out. Then drink three more glasses and pass it out. You will notice the urine getting clearer and clearer. After a third time, the urine should be as clear as crystal. It is clear water by then. That is clarified water. Drink it and see if it doesn't taste like water. Add a little ice and sugar and you have a lovely drink. In this way you can avoid the danger of strong urine affecting your teeth. Love you Anna. You are still wonderful and beautiful. Come back.

good bye again

  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2006年10月17日(火)03時20分32秒
  God, this board is really soooooooooooooo lazy. So I leave it. If you have something important to say - you can figure out my e-mail address it is easy.


for redboy

  投稿者:squirrelメール  投稿日:2006年10月 4日(水)10時19分9秒
  Dear Redboy
Thank you for your instructions on how to post a message. I have long been fascinated with the yapoo videos and website, and was interested to see your experiences with an Australian supermarket, as I too, live in Sydney. I lived in Japan for a year and a half, and although i don't read Japanese, I can understand some. I saw that you were interested in knowing what was said in one of the videos. If you like, we could get together and watch it and maybe I could translate for you. I also have a number of yapoo videos which you could see as well. Furthermore, I have a Japanese dominatrix friend who visited me in Sydney at the time of Mardi Gras - a Mistress Amrita. If she comes to Australia again, she would be avaiable to give sessions (as a professional), so I can put you in touch with her as well if you are interested.
Get in touch through here if you'd like and we can take it from there.

for redboy, a fellow Sydneysider

  投稿者:squirrelメール  投稿日:2006年10月 4日(水)10時17分12秒
  Dear Redboy
Thank you for your instructions on how to post a message. I have long been fascinated with the yapoo videos and website, and was interested to see your experiences with an Australian supermarket, as I too, live in Sydney. I lived in Japan for a year and a half, and although i don't read Japanese, I can understand some. I saw that you were interested in knowing what was said in one of the videos. If you like, we could get together and watch it and maybe I could translate for you. I also have a number of yapoo videos which you could see as well. Furthermore, I have a Japanese dominatrix friend who visited me in Sydney at the time of Mardi Gras - a Mistress Amrita. If she comes to Australia again, she would be avaiable to give sessions (as a professional), so I can put you in touch with her as well if you are interested.
Get in touch through here if you'd like and we can take it from there.

Redboy is back!!!

  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2006年 9月26日(火)01時52分19秒
  Mmmmmhhh redboy is back. The senior speeker of this board. And Sexicon who taught us something about “femdom religion”is back too. And now we have boy who is very welcomed to the club of the “10+ sentence speekers”. You make me kind of feeling at home here. And all above we have our supervisor  the unrivalled outstanding personality  Naomi.

Gruess Gott, redboy, ich freue mich dich hier wieder zu sehen. I am so sorry to hear that you had a serious sickness  and that from normal food. If you would have got that from eating shit from one of your dream girls you had at last known for what it was good. But, who knows, how the story with those Japanese friends develops. The first step you have made. And you did well to behave and don’t shock them with your desires right to the beginning.
Is there a husband to the “strongly-build” mother? If not, why don’t you invite her to a Japanese food restaurant? Just as a thank you for her friendly support. She won’t think anything else but believe that you are a kind guy (what you are anyway) And if she declines  out of what reason ever  you could ask her if she would mind if you ask her daughters. A better and more innocent looking reason you will never get. But maybe you have already done that.

Hee hee do you know that I have a little bit suspected that you are in real the friend who gave me the Yapoo CDs. Because around the time you left the board that poor guy screwed up his courage and asked me stammering and crimson face, if I ever would consider to take him like Naomi. As I was busy teaching my slave to that time I answered with a firm “NO” and away he was.

BTW: Do you think that Benjamin and Gever and others bought the same food in the same super-market as you did? Because they disappeared around the same time like you did.

Sexicon: To answer your most important question first. YES! I am still GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL! At least I hope so. Have you doubts about that? :- (((

After seeing all those Japanese “girls next door” who treated the men in the yapoo movies cruel and merciless, I began to suspect that there is a cruel side in almost every woman  including me. We are not aware of that  until a wake up call comes. Naomi and her movies were such a wake up call for me. The rules of society demanded a womanly type of sweet wife and loving mother. But it is only a matter of time until women will discover the lust of dominance.

Sorry, but I have to interrupt here because I have work left to do and tomorrow I have to go to London. I will stay there for a week or so. So it will last a little time until I am back here again.

Boy: please tell me more about your experience as a toilet. Please don’t be shy and tell me if you really ate shit and how that tastes for you. I give you a link. There are some stories to read for free about male toilets. Hope you will enjoy that.


Byeeeee for now


Down to three and growing

  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 9月23日(土)08時52分25秒
  Dear Anna,
Just the three of us getting started again, but we will be growing, expecially with you back. Sorry to hear of your near death experience, Redboy, and glad you recovered. Keep well. Must have been some powerful food that you ate.
Anna, you and your friends decided to let your Yapoo go. Too much bother. Does not seem that he was tortured and broken, but he even gets away. He is lucky in two respects: lucky to get away without being broken, and lucky that he has become something of a celebrity. He has achieved Sub-Standing in the community. Maybe he can make a living, now that he has discovered that he has a service that is in demand among the women. Man, he is very lucky. Earlier in our conversations, you spoke of how badly the women of the world are treated by men, and that you would not make a Yapoo of a woman, though making a man into a Yapoo was OK. Did you develop some feelings for men by your experience with your slave? I admire you for not wishing to be the dumping ground for a man's ejection. And I agree that women have a divine quality that men do not seem to have. That is why I said earlier that the Japanese men discovered KAMI and responded with utter worship and devotion. And such worship and devotion is essentially Shinto. Redboy seems to have discovered it and is ready to worship the Japanese Gods of Shinto,the Women of Japan. I hope I am not misrepresenting Redboy. Please let me know if I am.
Anna, did the slave resist you or any of the other goddesses. Was he subservient, or did you all have a hard time teaching him? How has this new experience affected you? Any changes in you? You are still gorgeous and beautiful. Thanks for that wonderful Kissssssssssssssssss.

I missed Yapoo!!

  投稿者:redboyメール  投稿日:2006年 9月20日(水)21時54分0秒
  Well it has been a while but I am so very happy to be back and to see the wondeful Yapoo website again which is bigger and better than ever. And,especially to admire again, if unfortunately from afar, the beautiful, sexy, cruel and always so cool and demure Mistress Naomi Asano, who for for me is Japan's most beautiful Mistress and Goddess! Oh to be a Yapoo slave to her, as in Numa Shozo's novel. No doubt so would many other admirers in Japan and overseas too! Mistress Naomi must have many fans!

I was sorry for being away so long. I don't know if this is the place to mention it, and I hope Mistress Naomi and Aosuk don't mind, but it was not intentional. At the end of last year I ate food from a well-known supermarket here in Australia and my body reacted badly to it, as had happened on three previous occasions, but this time it almost proved fatal. My throat closed and I couldn't breath and if help hadn't arrived so quickly I would not have survived. I remember one of one thoughts as I started to lose consciousness  was that I will miss Yapoo and no-one will know what has happened to me!!! But I got through although recovery has been slow. I get much of my food now from a Japanese food store in the city near Sydney's Town Hall, run by a lovely Japanese lady and her daughter. They have assisted with their advice and I now eat mainly good pure Japanese food such as Japanese-grown rice, tofu, nori (dried seaweed), and drink their green tea (delicious and refreshing sencha).It has done wonders for me and I really admire Japan for making sure its food is of a high standard and safe. Domou araigatou gozaimasu.

But I can't help being a little naughty and fantasizing that one day the strongly-built  mother and her pretty daughter, and some of the other Japanese girls who work at the store when not studying, will abduct me and lock me up in a cage in their cellar and treat me as a slave, and even ask Mistress Naomi in Tokyo for instructions or invite her to fly down and help! Needless to say I am always very well-behaved with them and we have become great friends, but I'm such a male submissive, and can't help having such thoughts, especially when I see a pretty girl. And watching Yapoo videos always just completely overwhelms me! They are masterpieces!

Last weekend I was enjoying again, spellbound as always, Mistress Naomi starring in Yapoo 55. It is definitely one of my favourites. In one of the early scenes, she has her male victim on a dogleash crawling on his fours beside her. She has a set of electric shears, and starts to wrestle him in order to pin his head and start shaving his skull. He panics and struggles, but like a Japanese female ninja or judoka, she is able to place her knee across his neck as he lies face down, and with one hand twist his face around and hold it secure, and with the other hand she then commences cruelly shaving the hair from his head. In one scene, the camera angle of her perfectly captures her athletic prowess. Mistress Naomi, dressed in a cute mini-skirt, has one of her shapely and sexy legs thrust straight out behind her, so as to push her other leg hard into the slave's neck and hold him still. Her beauty and feminine strength and power is there for all to see and admire. One hand is pressed down on the slave's face and the other held high with the shears, as if it was a sword with which she is about to slay the male animal. In a way she is symbolically beheading her victim, by stripping him of his hair.

The scene that followed was perfect, in that with his now-shaved head (a bit left on top), she lead him down a long corridor on her dogleash, he following and crawling submissively and meekly to his fate, As he most probably suspects at that moment, worse is to come, for at the end of that long corridor, waiting for him in the punishment room,  are about twenty Yapoo Mistresses who will ruthlessly push him to his limits and beyond. Perhaps it can be said the room he is about to enter is a Palace of Flowers (Hana no Gosho), a place filled with many very beautiful Japanese flowers....Defintely a superb Yapoo femdom film!

So it is good to be back and take in the comments, and nice to see Anna is here - as before I adore reading what she thinks and has planned. Grusse gott, wie geht's Anna? And 'L's' list of Japanese expressions are really helpful - I'm still trying to slowly increase my Japanese language proficiency but it takes time. Talking of which I'd love to get a fluent Japanese speaker to watch Yapoo 24 with me, to translate what Mistress Naomi tells her large number of gorgeous sexy apprentice Mistresses (Maiko no Jou-sama?) in her classroom, where they decide on which torment to next inflict on their poor waiting male slave. They look so sweet and demure but attack the slave with such ferocity at times. As the English playwright William Shakespeare famously opined, "greater wrath hath none than women!".

I love the look of the new Yapoo releases and look forward to adding as many as possible to my collection. I've noticed how some other comanies try and copy some of the techniques and scenarios that Yapoo have featured for ages, but I get the impression they won't succeed in deliverying that devastating and almost mystical experience which affects a male submissive like me. I get the feeling Mistress Naomi's Yapoo have established a great doctrine for this art-form and only she and her colleagues can weave their special magic!!!


  投稿者:boyメール  投稿日:2006年 9月20日(水)11時13分27秒
  Okay.....not sure what happen.......let me try this again:

Hi Goddess Anna & Sexicon......a small group indeed.

Yes, Anna, most of my interactions in this area have been with
professional Dommes who have given clear indication that they are into doing
toilet servitude. I think that is important because not all of them are.
i will say that over the years my interest has changed. i find sessions
with professional Dommes too contrived. You know........you request
what you want and you pay for it. Assuming there is a common ground then
one can have a good session. There is a deeper level that i find more
intriguing........the act of truly being treated like a impersonal
toilet. More random.....being used without any thought by the Lady. And of
course it is always required that everything be consumed by the slave. If
you have seen YM-03......you can understand what i mean.

i like this video because you actually get to see the Women walking
nonchalantly up to the house, entering it, going up the elevator, enter
the room where the slave is located and simply sitting down on the seat
and relieving Themselves into his mouth. Nothing is said.....just like
it would be if the Lady was using a porceline toilet. She doens't talk
to the toilet. hehe. Maybe She reads a newspaper or chats with Her
Girlfriend on Her cell while She is doing it. Then She simply wipes Herself
and leaves.

i once tried to mirror this idea by arranging a session with (3)
Dommes. When i arrived one of the Dommes, who was not involved in the
session, answered the door and took me up to the restroom. She told me to
remove my shirt and lay on my back under the toilet chair. For the next
hour or so the other two Dommes would come in and randomly use me. Nothing
was said. One of them dropped Her cigarette butt into my mouth. i
thought that was a nice touch. When they were fully relieved the 1st Domme
had me get up and get dressed and She escorted me out. A very memorable

my latest idea is to contact Women on CraigsList in the Erotic section
who do outcall sessions. i find out if they are into doing it and offer
to have them come over. When they arrive i am already laying under my
toilet chair......and they can simply use me, take my money and leave. i
am still working on the concept though.....hehe.

And yes.......the guy is very lucky.


That was quick

  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2006年 9月20日(水)03時26分37秒
  Hi Sexicon  wow that was a quick reply  and see how intimate it here is: Only you and boy and me. Maybe in this privacy boy would tell us a bit more about his experiences. I guess Sexicon you would underline what boy says: That serving as a toilet is the ultimate form of showing subservience. You know I like this attitude when men show devotion to the womanhood. It feels like a compliment. In my eyes this ennobles the act of adoration  no matter what it is. On the other hand I dislike and don’t respect men who see women as something they can empty their balls with.

But to make things round, also the women has to show an adequate attitude. For that Naomi is all-time the best example. She can be cruel beyond imagination but she never loses the attitude of being a Goddess. Whatever she asks from her slaves, even when she shits, it is never vulgar, she is the perfect Goddess. If you have seen yapoo 57 than you can see the difference. Those blonde European is no Goddess at all. She is just a horny bitch bad acting a Goddess. So boy, was it a professional or did you serve a woman (women?) in a private atmosphere? Did you also eat shit? Wasn’t that a problem? At least to the beginning?

To your question Sexicon. No, I don’t have that slave anymore. I set him free. To enslave a man is a very exciting experience but to be responsible for a slave 24/7 is at last a burden. Even though the 3 of us shared in that task the dullness rose up to the point we were no longer willing to hold him. He became pretty prominent here around. Even though we didn’t call out we also didn’t make a big secret out of the fact we had a slave and who it was. So many girls like the thrill to talk to a real sex slave and some of them take him to experience what it is all about to have a slave at least for one night. So, what do you think  is he a lucky guy?

It was nice to talk to you again …. Will you answer too, boy?



An Honor

  投稿者:boyメール  投稿日:2006年 9月19日(火)08時17分48秒
  As someone who has served as a toilet, for the superior Female, dozens of times......it is such an honor to be used in such a fashion. Clearly, in my opinion, the ultimate from of showing subservience to the superior Female.  


  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 9月19日(火)02時33分5秒
  Anna, you're back!!! What a joyful event. Glad you are back so there can be conversation with you, because there is no conversation without you. Could not get responses from males. Maybe women do run the world after all. I know you would not want me to think like that. I am trying to get a copy of the book by Shozo Numa on "Yapoo, Human Animal". I understand that it was a best seller in Japan. I must read it, even if I have to learn Japanese. How are you and your two gorgeous women friends doing with the new yapoo you acquired this year. Is he teachable, and what have you learned so far? Was the experience of Naomi of any help to you in your treatment of the new Yapoo with you in Germany? I hope I am not being nosey, but I am curious to hear something, only what you are willing to share. I really feel good that you are back.  

Hi Sexicon

  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2006年 9月18日(月)00時10分46秒
  Hi Sexicon my friend! Still around? Sometimes I think at you and some others I talked to on this board. I am wondering, why are men so speechless? Hi hi ... one can't them horrify with the picture of being a toilet for females but one can scare them to the bones by demanding to speak 10 sentence in a row. So you worthless slaves I will torture you beyond any limit: SPEAK TO ME!!!!!!!!!


Mistress Anna for you slaves!


  投稿者:L  投稿日:2006年 6月23日(金)16時25分47秒
  buy novel here



  投稿者:L  投稿日:2006年 6月23日(金)16時02分35秒
  Yapoo novel

"the colors of my food and my drink are exactly those which are appropriate to me. "This color is the yellow. Yellow of the skin not of a man but of a yapou. This food and this drink are the shit and the piss of the gods blancs.L' advances civilisationnelle EHS, in addition to the political domination of the women, is noted in the fact that its social organization is built around the problem of the treatment of its waste. So only we could prevail ourselves such wonders! Treatment of the excrements of the white providing to the two other components of this world - black slaves and yapous - a variable share of their food. To such a degree that the excrémentielle production of the minority white is not enough any more and that it should be duplicated... This system of recycling called "to three colors" which represents in fact separation between the divinized white elite, the black working class and the nonhuman yellows coincides oddly with the social organization of India of the four varna (= colors). With the white, the black and the yellow, to be perfect, it misses in the world of EHS the red of the warriors. But in EHS there is well a warlike class (women with moustache in fact). Even if this population is not associated the red color. (In following volumes perhaps...)Dans this world, where the control of time abolishes the history, is carried out a curious historical pile-up in which are embedded the slavery of the blacks


  投稿者:L  投稿日:2006年 6月23日(金)15時45分53秒
  Yapoo novel by Numa Shozo

The praise of the tender Yapou, cattle human, of Shôzô Numa, is a fresco which mixes science fiction and masochism. A Japanese anthem with humiliation. Clara Von Kotwitz is German, Sebe Rinichiro is Japanese. They like. One day of this year 196X, like writes it Shôzô Numa, they walk in forest when a machine is crushed, not far from them. They precipitate inside this species of flying saucer and revive a woman, beautiful and attractive. It is Pauline Jansen, an aristocrat of EHS, the Empire of the hundred suns, the Empire of the hundreds of suns. Pauline comes from the future. And takes along the couple on its planet, more than 2.000 years in the future. Sebe and Clara will go there from discovered in discovery, with the manner of GULLIVER of Jonathan Swift. Banal? Not really. Because this plentiful novel is haunted by the phantasms of sexual tender and racial inferiority. It is a novel on the masochism, humiliation and the pleasure that one withdraws some. Until the scatological humour, obvious purpose of humiliation. Because Sebe is a Japanese. And, in the world Anglo-Saxon ultrafeminist and ultrablanc of Pauline, the Blacks are slaves, but Yapous, a of course Japanese deformation, are not even human beings: it is cattle, that one transforms, that one genetically handles, which one makes of the conscious parts of furnishing, the dogs or the pégases, or of simple sex objects. Sebe will make the experiment of it.


  投稿者:Gikoメール  投稿日:2006年 3月31日(金)21時03分13秒
  Sorry not particularly exciting and charismatic I wanted to say, especially exciting and charismatic I want to say. Stupid translation machine was the reason for that mistake *g I hope the mistresses will me forgive.

Obedient Giko



Great Femdom Films

  投稿者:Gikoメール  投稿日:2006年 3月31日(金)20時48分27秒
  Hello @all,
my artist name is Giko and I am a large fan of the Yapoo - productions and their actor inside. Particularly exciting and charismatisch I find Naomi Asano and the YM Queen, which out-ride in YM 52 at the end their slave. Does anybody now her name, or does she has  a contact address or a Website? By the way my Website and gallery  you will find it under


Best greetings to all,



Anna please come back

  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 2月17日(金)19時07分0秒
  Dear Anna,
There is nothing for us males to talk about when you are gone. What can men do without women?????  Please return. Don't you see we need you even if it is to hurt us. We even hurt better in your presence. You show us how helpless we are without you. Take good care of your slave.

To Meiguey

  投稿者:AO(管理人)メール  投稿日:2006年 2月 9日(木)21時14分51秒
  Please send E-mail to Aosuk


Thank you

English version

  投稿者:Meiguey  投稿日:2006年 2月 9日(木)07時58分26秒
  Aosuk should make the website to be multi-languages version, especially it should has english version. I wanna buy her dvds but don't know how, because i don't know japanese.  

yapoo's market url

  投稿者:AO(管理人)メール  投稿日:2006年 2月 5日(日)21時26分9秒
  please look up English url



 投稿者:UnderAss  投稿日:2006年 1月30日(月)00時10分6秒
  Happy new year!
Hi all.
I have one question,Anna=浅野ナオミ?
I come from china,I like your dvd very much.
I suggest a suggestion,I like ym18,but i don't like 35.Queen must have high statures like Anna(have Queen qualities,Arrogant),
Another suggestion,How many queens in one dvd,is not More and much and more good,qualities is more important

Time and space

  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 1月29日(日)00時47分24秒
  No one has time for space on the Board when Anna goes away. Does it mean that there is no sunshine when woman goes awaw? Then, what happens when men disappear? Anna won't have a slave to train. Come back, Anna. Time is here to fill your space on the Board. For two weeks the board has been silent. I am counting.  


  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 1月21日(土)19時45分26秒
  Men of the Yapoo Board,
Please share with me what you are thinking, now that Anna is gone. I'm curious to know.

What now?

  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 1月19日(木)09時44分21秒
  Just wondering what we men have to say without a woman around. There is a very huge emptiness when a woman is not around. This is a learning experience for me. MAN, I MISS ANNA.  


  投稿者:L.  投稿日:2006年 1月14日(土)13時42分5秒
  Hi humantoiletslave
I never watch YM56. so I can't translate exactly.

However, I think those mistress would say.
during giving him golden nectar
Namete = drink it.

and after the toilet use, they would say
"O-e-shi decho" = delicious?

Please email me at giorunog@yahoo.com
I may be able to translate other movies more.  What software for making subtitle?



  投稿者:Blumentopf  投稿日:2006年 1月14日(土)12時28分12秒

subtitles for these films were great and easy to make on a dvd.
I have a question for Anna:

Aus welchem Teil deutschlands kommst du denn?
Und ist deine Geschichte wirklich war?
Veröffentliche doch mal etwas via web-cam.

scenes from ym56

  投稿者:humantoiletslave  投稿日:2006年 1月13日(金)09時16分23秒
  Hi "L".I agree.It is a very interesting idea making subtitles for yapoo movies.I would love it.
I want you to translate some scenes from yapoo 56 where 32 mistresses use for toilet this poor slave (oh... my god!!!).What are they saying to him before,while and after the toilet use.Specially when his head is cover from their golden shower and he can't breath at all!!
I hope you are able to translate!

moto moto (more)

  投稿者:L.  投稿日:2006年 1月12日(木)15時35分32秒
All and humantoiletslave
I am not native Japanese speaker. I only know some basic word from my own study.

hello = konnichiha
Ko-me = sorry
goryounin= mistress; madam
kuchidzuke = kiss
akuto= heel (of foot, shoe, stocking, etc.)

What spicific scene in yapoo you want me to translate? that I may be able to help.
But making subtitle for yapoo movie is interesting idea.

Great yapoo,

translate more

  投稿者:humantoiletslave  投稿日:2006年 1月12日(木)09時32分8秒
  I want to say a big "HELLO" to GODDESS NAOMI,her perfect MISTRESSES and to all dominant females!Also i want to ask from "Benjamin" and "L" who can understand japanese to translate more  scenes from yapoo videos!
Thanks a lot.I am waiting!!!


  投稿者:bote  投稿日:2006年 1月10日(火)18時31分4秒
  hmm..i want to buy the production of YAPOO'S MARKET ...  but i live in Taiwan

i don't know that how i can purchase it with you.

please reply me.  thanks

l also sent a mail to aosuk_ym@yahoo.co.jp before

Japanese vocab

  投稿者:L.  投稿日:2006年 1月10日(火)10時54分17秒
I am glad that my effort could be great use for sexicon and others.

Here are some more example:

When miss Naomi try to pull dog slave to walk, she will said
"Hi-ya-gu" which means faster or come on.

After mistress release her golden meal into slave mouth.  she would said
Janto Ta-bete = eat it all perfectly,

When yapoo slave moans too much, mistress would be annoyed and tell him
"U-ru-sai"= shut up

When y-slave got whipped too much he would said
"Ya-me na-sai"= Please stop

Please enjoy yapoo movies to the next step,


  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 1月 9日(月)19時21分58秒
  Dear L
Thanks for the translations. A very great help. I printed out your translations and will use them to understand Japanese. With your help I can build my own vocabulary, and I will. !! Please keep it up.

Japanese words

  投稿者:L.  投稿日:2006年 1月 9日(月)16時07分4秒
  Hi all yapoo fans,
Since I watched so many times of this Yapoo movies so I can catch some japanese words in movies.
I translated some words to English. I hope this may make you guys have more entertain during movie.

At first, I am sort of frustrated since I really want to know what Miss Naomi said in movies. So, I made research on Japanese words. You can see as followed,

Aiken- dog
bengi-urinal pod(toilet)
kimochi-feeling good
hiyagu- com'on or faster
Janto- perfectly, properly
Kirei- Clean
Na-me - Lick,drink
Na-sai-After Verb for ording to do something,
Shouben - pee
Tabe - eat

For example;
Miss Naomi always said in the movies after toilet use
"Kirei-Na-me-na-sai" - Lick it Clean
"Ta-be-te"= Eat it.

Let me know if you want to know more.

PS. Anna, Benjamin, redboy, Sexicon has very interesting comments. thanks to you.


  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 1月 8日(日)03時46分51秒
  My Dear Anna,
Please accept my confession of relief at hearing from you again. It seemed such a long time. Do not leave us for long. You do not dominate this board. You allow us all to speak our minds and that is great. Tell us how things are going with your slave. Loving you, Anna.


  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2006年 1月 8日(日)02時06分10秒
  OH my sweet Sexicon. I said “at least for a while”. That is undefined and maybe forever. Actually, I am feeling guilty that I have dominated this board too much and blocked the intended subject of it. So I don’t know if and when I come back. I wish you a happy New Year my Sexicon … and that your dreams may come true.

Happy New Year to all of you guys …. Thank you for your good wishes Kokuryur hope the year 2006 will be a good one for you.

Kisssssssss Anna

Missing Anna

  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 1月 5日(木)14時10分43秒
  Missing You, Anna. The New Year is here. Do have a great one. You did say you were going away, but did not say how long.  

Happy New Year !

  投稿者:kokuryurメール  投稿日:2006年 1月 3日(火)18時09分25秒
  Hello! Dear Sir! Dear mistress!

Happy New Year!

a happy new year

  投稿者:AO(管理人)メール  投稿日:2006年 1月 1日(日)17時55分29秒
  a happy new year

to Dutchsub

  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年12月23日(金)03時42分24秒
  Hi Dutchsub. I understand you and your concerns very well. Actually, I do understand you better than my slave. I mean, it is of course very exciting to own him like an object. But this wasn’t on my agenda only a few months ago. So I still have problems to realise that all. Sometimes when I am at work or sit together with friends a picture of my naked slave in his (my) flat flashes up and I ask myself: “Is this really you who has a slave????”.

I just went back and read my first commend here again. “Feeling no pitty” I am still wondering why nobody (including myself) feels pitty with those yapoos. The same when I am training my slave. Today I came along as an old man toppled down to earth. I carefully helped him up on his feet, went with him to a bench and spoke to him calmingly until he wasn’t longer confused by the shock he got. That is me or better that is like I see me. But when it comes to my slave I treat him and watch his reactions like the cat does with a mouse. No pitty at all. In opposite. When I see a fearful flickering in his eyes then I am getting horny like the hell and watch him suffering with delight. That must be a basic instinct as I see the same with my 2 friends (really nice girls you would like them). When we are talking about him, there is no shame, no hesitation to speak out cruel things and about limits we talk as if we are talking about the disturbing noise of a vibrator. None of us would ever treat a dog like that.

And the funny thing is, the longer it lasts the more I get the impression he is satisfied with his situation. Is this only my obedience training? Is it because he adores me (us)? Or because he has obviously a submissive nature? I am going to believe that he feels free. Free of any responsibility. The whole day he has nothing else do decide than to chose the TV-channel. That’s why I am think, he is lost forever if we don’t set him free. Or better if we don’t force him to take his life again in his own hands. From where should he take the power to stand up against the three of us saying: “OK, girls, the game is over now”?

You see, Dutchsub, your concerns are reasonable and I don’t consider to get a yapoo harem anyway. Thank you for your kind wishes and I also wish to you and the other guys here a merry Christmas and a year 2006 in freedom hee hee. I think I should leave the board at least for a while because I get the impression that I make you all here speechless. Byeeeeeeeee

Regarding Anna's story

  投稿者:Dutchsub  投稿日:2005年12月22日(木)04時01分33秒
  Hi Anna,
That is a truly incredible story!

I don't know if I have to envy your slave or feel sorry for him, but anyhow he has given himself up for You and your 2 friends.

This feeling of absolute existence or absolute power in relation to this slave who is totally powerless must be the ultimate powertrip for You!

He must feel like a low servant looking up to his Divine  Queen and through all of this he also has to endure severe pain, to mold his mind and keep him in line.

I like it that you are not using brute force are dishing out pain for no reason but with a goal to achieve that he submits more and more to You.

And to see that happen I can imagine that it must give you a thrill, not just a thrill but the thrill to feel Absolute Existence, a kind of enlightenment though not exactly what the mainstream religions envision I guess.

But who knows, I think life is a game and to play it with broad horizons makes it more interesting.

You asked my why i stayed at the OWK after I realized I did not like the pain, yes I stayed because pain is only one aspect, I liked to look around, I liked the feeling of being imprisoned by women, of giving myself away, though I know it was only for a short period.

But the thing you go through with your slave is a interesting thing, I would be willing to go a little further than the OWK thing maybe.
But how far??? to be honest i do not know.
A nightmare would be to wake up next morning and to realize that you have given up everything and to realize you are no more free.
To become a ultimate yapoo, I must confess is a interesting fantasy, but what if they come true... so to say a yapoo come true

And you know Anna I am not too far away from Germany living in Holland I might become another of your yapoo harem in future and could report back on this board about what it is like to be Anna's yapoo..ofcourse I would not dare write anything that would not have been seen by your wise eyes before.

Anyhow I wish you and everybody on this board a merry Christmas and a happy New year!


  投稿者:7octaveメール  投稿日:2005年12月20日(火)20時07分25秒

Obedience training

  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年12月20日(火)02時23分6秒
  One point in my training was this: My slave was on his back on the floor. NOT tight up. I told him that I am going to squeeze the inner side of his thighs real bad and he is not allowed to take my hand away or disturbing me in any other way. There is of course a strong emotion to do so if pain don’t stop but increasingly lasted and lasted. At the first time he failed. He couldn’t withstand the urge to put my hand away. But we trained that again and again and now he has learned to repress those emotions. His body trembles, he is moaning, gasping and crying but he obeys and don’t disturbs me in my cruel job. Finally I could brand him without having him fixated. The goal for me was to teach him obedience. After achieving that, I reduced such “games” because giving pain is not what I really need. You see the principle in that, Sexicon? Then you will understand that  as my slave  I wouldn’t do to you what you are dreaming of but ask you to spit on the holy cross. I hope for you, my friend, this vision lets your concerns growing. Such obedience training is dangerous because Obedience becomes a strong emotional reflex. Means you are not longer able to protect yourself. So better you stay as you are and we continue our pen pal.

Mmmmmmmhhhhh Japanese. You haven’t read my messages correctly. I told you already that you would be then the 2nd one who could translate Naomi into English.

to Sexicon

  投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年12月19日(月)22時30分33秒
  My Slave is (now he was) an eternal student who earned his money for a small living as a helping hand in a building company. As he is not so successful like his parents and his sisters the family treats him like a black sheep. So there are no bonds between him and his family who lives in the south of Germany. I like him. He is almost a head bigger than I am and his body is in a good shape. One can’t say anything negatively about his character. He is just weak and I think to take over responsibility is a burden for him. So, as I said, I don’t have the feeling that he suffers about his new life. Now I am responsible for him.

He is confined in his flat. I have the key and yesterday I gave to the two of my girlfriends (I talked about) also a key to his flat. There are only two rooms and a bathroom and they are watched by webcam so I can control him via PC anytime I want. There are some rules: He has to be naked. He is not allowed to use the bed and two comfortable armchairs and also not his phone and PC (he may watch TV). And he is not allowed to do any sexual things. About 4 weeks ago he got in a piercing studio a padlock trough his foreskin (I have the keys). So it is pretty painful for him to get a hardon and masturbation is not allowed anyway. I want him to serve and adore me and not feeding his sexual desire. I just want him asexual.

I am realistic enough to understand, that this new situation will NOT remain in an everlasting excitement. On the other hand I don’t think that I ever will set him free and it is beyond my imagination that he would be able to make a change against my will. So the 3 girls of us are planning to buy an old villa where we share his service and use his technical talents and live as we did before. And I think he won’t be really unhappy with a position as a special servant and housekeeper.

I don’t think, Sexicon, that this all will really change me. I am still not interested in BDSM. I still love to do many other things than humiliate and torture men. Thanks Naomi I have learned that there is a chamber more in women life and I have learned a lot about humans. I like to be a single. When I see how many girls have frustratedly buried the dream that a prince will step in their life but sit there alone with their child and financial problems, than I am glad that I never had this dream. I also never belonged to those girls who nervously wait to get dated. Most of my lovers (boys or girls) were handpicked by me and it was anytime an exiting challenge to get them. So getting a slave was not a completely new challenge but of course a very special one. I have learned  also here on this board  that men who like to be ruled and taken by women can be nice and civilised. Maybe many of those unhappy women would have done better to take such a man than to look for a hero and get an asshole. Maybe in a few years we will find more of those (special) relationships I am going to build up.

Your slave

  投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2005年12月19日(月)12時29分28秒
  My Dear Anna,
You are sharing woth us some of the mmost dramatic and precious memrnts of your life. I mean the steps you are going through with yor slave. Like Naomi, you are writing your own bible of how to create a yapoo. I suppose every Goddess can write a bible for every slave. I am reading with deep interest the steps you are following. Please forgive me if I say that I feel a strong urge to be your slave and obey your evey command. It is as though I am there doing what your slave is doing. I do not see you as the butcher who says he loves animals. I see and feel your power, and I desire to subject myself to your power. But I do worry about where you may take me. I have concerns about my safety. It seems that I must give up those concerns if I am to be true Yapoo. Naomi  has led in her own way. You are carving out a new way to yapoohood. I follow your steps very closely. I agree that religion can be left out of this situation and just let events unfold as they may. Thank you for showing us your first experience with your slave toward yapoohood. Are you afraid to be as bold as Naomi? Do you fear the thought of possibly being changed forever like Naomi?
If I were Japanese, MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh. I still wonder.